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War against Huawei Why do you see ?

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 War against Huawei Why do you see ?

In the past 24 hours, the Internet and the technical center have been full of talk about Google's decision to ban Huawei and withdraw its Android licenses and spread many news and rumors. Today, several US companies have announced that they will enter the line and declare war on Huawei. What has happened and its impact on markets?

 War against Huawei Why do you see ?

What does Google's decision to stop cooperation with Huawei means?
Google officially announced the suspension of technical cooperation with Huawei and the withdrawal of company licenses on Android. To clarify this decision does not mean that Huawei devices will not be issued Android system Android is an open source system and anyone in the world has the right to use even if Apple itself is entitled to provide Android devices. Thus, Huawei can release Android-enabled devices now, tomorrow, a year later and at any time.

But the hurdle is Google's services as they are not open source. This means that Android devices will be released without the Play Store, Chrome browser, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, YouTube and other Google services, although this is not a critical block because you can add the above to the phone as much as most Who buys Amazon Kindle Fire but the official that it will be issued without the above and the majority of users will not be able to do the steps of addition and thus become Huawei devices for them failed.

What about updates? Do you stop too?

What about updates? Do you stop too?

Huawei issued an official statement stating that it will continue to upgrade and upgrade the hardware. However, for the clarification, the updates are currently in cooperation with Google, which sends companies requests, tips and feedback to Google and companies in the updates; and when we announced the announcement of folding phone Fold that they talked about cooperation with Google to provide exclusive benefits for this type of devices. 

This cooperation Google announced its suspension with Huawei. What will happen now is that Google will issue an update either to the system or the security update and Huawei will get it like any other device and adapt it to its devices. It can not email Google for any updates, fixes, or failures.

What about current devices?

Google said in an official statement that Huawei's current Android devices will continue to work and can use maps, software store and other traditional features. But future Huawei devices will not have access to the store and Google services. This is confirmed by an official statement from Huawei as well. To clarify if you buy a Huawei phone now available to the seller will work. However, any future Huawei-based phone will not have Google services, which Huawei's statement said is committed to modernizing the existing equipment and also in its stores.

Why Huawei does not develop its own system?

There is a constant perception among many users that the main obstacle in the operating system; away from the fact that systems need long periods of years of work but the problem is not in the system because any operating system wants applications. 

If we assume that Huawei today revealed a system called Hui for example and issued a phone; will you find the applications you use? What about your bank application? What will make the bank support this Hui system and dedicate it to developers? Where developers from the ground who worked with this system and why they leave iOS and Android and work in the new system. Microsoft has spent billions to run Windows and failed, and Samsung spends a lot of money Taizen system has not yet been published. 

The user to buy the phone has to find the applications they are sending. The developer will not add applications and work to provide them to a system where there are no customers. That is, it is a dilemma (egg first or hen).

Why this war?

It seems strange but it is a tour within the US-China economic conflict and war and now Trump wants to attack the largest Chinese company Huawei technology. Huawei, a former officer who served more than 20 years in the Chinese army as a technical expert and after his army career, founded Huawei. 

There are many criticisms from governments such as India, America and others that he is a collaborator with Chinese intelligence. Incidentally, recent reports have revealed that the communications networks sold by Huawei to Vodafone several years ago had security holes that could spy on citizens in several European countries. 

Vodafone acknowledged this loophole, but said that Huawei did not exploit it and closed the gap after a year of existence and denied that it posed any danger to Any user in Italy or any country where the devices are located. His founding son was arrested on charges of seizing US techniques and some other charges several months ago.

What about us?

We know that this question needs an extensive answer. What about us? How will the US-China economic war affect us. We are Apple users basically not Google or Huawei. But this needs to be answered in another detailed article illustrating the dimensions of this war and its impact on us and on Apple and our favorite devices.

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