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Google is surprised Huawei, Huawei decision to ban and why Trump black business list

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Google surprised Huawei Huawei by decision to ban and why Trump black business list

Events have accelerated since the US president signed a decision to allow the US Department of Commerce and Economy to put any company on the ban list in case it threatens the country's policy of risk, which led to the announcement of Google 's owner Alphabet to stop any cooperation requires the transfer of physical products (Hardcover) And software between it and Huawei Huawei except those covered by open source licenses.

Google is surprised Huawei, Huawei decision to ban and why Trump black business list

Huawei receive more shocks

According to a source close to the company, the move is a blow to the Chinese technology company after being listed by the US government on its black list.

Not only was Google Google alone, with other US technology companies boycotting Huawei, including Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom, but the biggest impact worldwide was Google as the developer of Android and application licensing And basic services.

And you will lose Huawei Huawei phones and future Android updates as smart phones will lose Kharah China all the common services of the company and its applications on Android includes store Google Play Google Play and Gmail Gmail in addition to the application of YouTube Youtube. 

Google is surprised Huawei, Huawei decision to ban and why Trump black business list

Huawei's reaction to the ban

"Huawei has contributed significantly to the development of the Android operating system worldwide as we have been one of the major global partners of Android, where we have worked closely on Android's open source platform to develop a software environment Benefiting users and the industrial sector in general. "

"It will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphones and tablets, including products that have been sold or are still in storage around the world," the company said in a statement. The company will continue to build a secure and sustainable software environment to provide the best experience for all its users around the world. "

"As for Huawei users' inquiries about our steps that comply with US government procedures, we assure you that our services such as Google Play and the protection services will continue to operate in your current hardware," Google said in an Android platform.

Despite the new decision, Huawei will continue to access the Android version available through open source licensing, making the system available to anyone who wants to use it. 

What is the purpose of Huawei Huawei Province

The move came after US President Donald Trump decided to officially put Huawei on the black list of US businesses, which would make her suffer entirely if she tried to engage in economic activities with any US company anymore.

The decision comes as one of the chapters of the US-China trade war, where each country seeks to raise tariffs on imports of the other country and thus pressure it politically. However, this ban was surprising and unexpected in terms of its entry into force so quickly. 

A simple return in time for similar incidents
So far, according to official sources, this is Google's latest decision. However, in fact, the crisis is not expected to last long due to Huawei's strong influence in the United States, as well as being the second-largest smartphone vendor in the world after Samsung, Its primary role in the development of fifth generation networks.

Last year, the world witnessed a similar historical precedent with ZTE, which was banned for selling its products in South Korea and Iran, bypassing the US trade embargo. The ban was lifted after heavy fines.

How Huawei crisis will end

The most important issue is a decision by the US administration to postpone the 90-day ban on Huawei, stressing that the postponement does not change President Trump's ban, but can be considered as a breathing period to avoid major unrest. Obtain. 

According to Reuters, a spokesman for Huawei said last Friday that the company's lawyers are also studying the impact of the actions of the US Department of Commerce, and Huawei did not issue any official data to respond to What Google has done directly, and the question remains whether Huawei can abandon the Android system completely or will be limited to providing alternative service to the store Google Play and other services.

Huawei's founder and chief executive said on Saturday that the growth of China's technology giant could slow, but only because of recent US restrictions.

It is worth mentioning that all these developments came at a time of trade tensions between Washington and Beijing, amid the concerns of the United States of America and concern about China's use of smart phones and tablets to spy on the Americans. 

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