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RICO adds two new lenses to the Pentax APS-C camera set

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RICO adds two new focal points to the Pentax APS-C camera set

Rico has divulged two new focal points that are good with the Pentax-perfect DSLR camera with Pentax DA-11-18mm f/2.8 ED DC AW and Pentax-FA 35mm f/2, - C.
RICO adds two new lenses to the Pentax APS-C camera set
RICO adds two new lenses to the Pentax APS-C camera set
The principal focal point Pentax 11-18mm f/2.8 has a place with the star focal point class (*), which is good with Pentax cameras with K-Mount and ASP-C sensors, and this classification of focal points is portrayed by its brilliant, which, as indicated by Ricoh, The eventual fate of elite computerized cameras."

RICO adds two new lenses to the Pentax APS-C camera set

The Star Lens class can catch excellent pictures with radiant brilliance without obscuring the edges of its casing, guaranteeing remarkable photographic execution and effectiveness even on account of an open gap. At the central length level, the new 11-18mm focal point compares to a central length of 17 to 27.5 mm as per 35 mm camera estimations, a focal point for taking outside pictures and scene pictures. 

The new focal point of the Pentax scope of ASP-C includes a fantastic front-end focal point to limit the reflections and shadows of the light reflection on the focal point surface, while building it with the most recent climate opposition and environmental change advances. 

Inside, the focal point comprises of 16 optical components isolated into 11 gatherings. The Focus Clamp highlights point of convergence adjustment notwithstanding when the center circle is moved. The focal point works at any rate separation of 30 cm. The focal point film comprises of 9 cutting edges, 82 mm, the elements of the focal point 90 mm × 100 mm, weighing just 704 grams.
RICO adds two new lenses to the Pentax APS-C camera set
The Pentax-FA 35mm f/2 is a full-outline widescreen focal point that is additionally perfect with ASP-C Pentax cameras, a focal point intended for regular use. 

The focal point comprises of 6 components separated into 5 gatherings and incorporates a multi-layer covering in the forefront to lessen reflections and shadows, just as another stain-safe and contamination safe covering. 

The focal point film comprises of 6 cutting edges, including a 49-inch channel port. The focal point weighs just 193 grams.

Availability and price of new Pentax camera lenses
Both Pentax Pentax DA-11-18mm f / 2.8 and Pentax DA-11-18mm f / 2.8 lenses are available for pre-booking from today and will be available on the world market starting February 22nd at $ 1400 for the Pentax lens. -FA 35mm f / 2.

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