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Patently Apple: Wireless Charging, AirPower

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Wireless Charging AirPower

Details of AirPower's wireless charging base have been unveiled through a recent patent from Apple. Although no name is mentioned in the document, it is clear that it deals with details about the features of this device.

Patently Apple: Wireless Charging, AirPower | Electro4reviews

So far, we already know that the Apple AirPower charging base can be used to charge multiple devices simultaneously such as a phone for iPhone, Apple AirPods earphones and Apple smart clock. But at the same time, you can also connect the charging base with each Apple device in more than one way, as it provides the identification of the devices charged to track the battery level and know when the devices charge off.

Patently Apple: Wireless Charging, AirPower | Electro4reviews

In AirPower addition to this you will be able to see which of the devices has the largest screen to display the Apple battery level of each device so that you can see the charging status in a blink. In addition, the phone can alert you if the battery pack is sufficient for you to use throughout the day.

The latest AirPower report indicates that the device will be announced early next year, and the main reason for the delay of this announcement is due to the advanced features that the company works with the charging base.

Patently Apple: Wireless Charging, AirPower | Electro4reviews

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