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Night mode ON: Pixel 3 vs. Mate 20 Pro

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Night mode ON: Pixel 3 vs. Mate 20 Pro

Pixel 3 vs. Mate 20 Pro Light is always low, editor-in-charge writing this article used to get a practical title. It may have a tendency to be very tragic, but if you do not focus too much on the always
part and replace it with at least "many times you want to take a picture, it may work.

Night mode ON: Pixel 3 vs. Mate 20 Pro | electro4reviews

What is our way of photographing this attack between Pixel 3 and Mate 20 Pro? It will be a struggle after dark between the head of Google's arithmetic photography and the mobile night leader (long exposure) of Huawei Mate 20 Pro in an attempt to determine who takes the best light shots.
Huawei has a head start in this. We've been experimenting with taking multiple photos to install light paths on low-light images of many generations of pop-ups now - just to culminate in the Mate 20 Pro Pro Night that surprised us all this spring. A massive "Bayer-filter-less" sensor for the smartphone is a major introduction to low-light dominance, but only half of the story. The processing algorithms must be in a position to capture long, sharp exposure images by hand. With multi-stacking frames. Processing is where Pixels are generally governed, and Google is the leader in image compilation. And because he knows only what you are trying to capture and how he is supposed to be seen, since he has seen all the images of humanity - well, that may be glowing, but then it may not be (put on the sparkle) hat).

This applies somewhat better to the stills in the form of an image (which is not the subject of this discussion), but it is not relevant in controlling the random color formulas supposed to be in total darkness.

Night mode ON: Pixel 3 vs. Mate 20 Pro | electro4reviews

Which is better?
My personal preference is Google Pixel 3 in this case, due to the better range of colors and more detailed appearance. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is technically superior in noise reduction and full-size low-light detection, but the result looks a bit shimmering. In general, cameras improve the exposure of virtual camera cameras dramatically, and clearly show how useful these options are, provided you keep your hands in sufficient condition.

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