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LG V40 ThinQ Full Review

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LG V40 ThinQ review

the LG V40 ThinQ phone is cutting edge to its core. Get info on the latest LG V40 promos, prices, specs and V40 news. On Sale Now! That's precisely what LG thought when designing the V40 ThinQ, the first smartphone to go both wider and longer than 'normal'.
LG V40 ThinQ, review | electro4reviews

LG was the pioneer in ultra wide angle phone photography, but others didn't seem to think it mattered. Well, they're coming to their senses, some Huawei quicker than others Samsung, maybe?. Meanwhile, LG has been guilty of not having a telephoto lens and now that's been fixed too. We don't doubt that eventually every high-end phone will have all the cameras, but we're still in the realm of firsts.

With so many of them happening recently, we almost got carried away - the V40 ThinQ is in fact the first phone to come with 5 cameras (in addition to the three on the back, there are two more on the front) - hence the Penta Camera moniker. And they are, in fact, 5 distinct standalone cameras - we're looking at you and your 'depth sensing camera', Galaxy A9 (2018).

LG V40 ThinQ review | electro4reviews
Cameras to the side, the 6.4-inch V40 is the largest-diagonal V-series LG phone, for those keeping records. The must-haves that no longer make headlines include the Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6gigs of RAM and 64GB/128GB of storage which 1. is expandable and 2. opens the possibility for a top-spec V40S+ (or something) version with, say, 256GB.
LG V40 ThinQ specs

Bluetooth Version5.0
Camera Resolution:   12MP 16MP Rear/ 8MP 5MP Front-facing
Capacities Available:  128GB 64GB 
Colors Available:  Black 
Form Factor:  Candy
Bar GPS:  Yes
microSD Slot:  Yes
NFC:  Yes 
Operating System as Tested:  Android 8.0 
Physical Keyboard:  No 
Processor Speed:  2.8 GHz
Screen Pixels Per Inch:  538 ppi 
Screen Resolution:   3 440 by 1 440 pixels 
Screen Size:  6.4 inches 
Screen Type:  P-OLED
Total Integrated Storage:  64 GB
Video Camera Resolution:  4K 
Wireless Specification:  802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
We'd have liked to see some more battery inside the V40, and we wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't complain about the dated OS version at launch - Oreo is no Pie, to state the obvious. Also, we're not saying it's that big a deal, but LG could have just kept it simple and spared us the 'ThinQ' part of the model name.


The LG V40 ThinQ comes in two colors to begin with  Aurora Black and Moroccan Blue. There were previous mentions of new colors including platinum gray and carmine red — and it's possible these colors will follow at a later date. Only the Aurora Black will come to the U.S.

LG V40 ThinQ review | electro4reviews

LG V40 ThinQ unboxing

The V40 ships in the same nondescript matte black box as all recent LG flagships - that is, LG doesn't bother too much with first impressions. On the inside, there's a nice surprise - a cleaning cloth. Actual phone aside, you'll get a Quick Charge 3.0 charger (rated at 9V/1.8A and 5V/1.8A) and a USB-A-to-C cable to go with it.

LG V40 ThinQ review | electro4reviews

Inside the box, you may or may not find a couple of adapters - USB-C to microUSB and USB-A to USB-C. That appears to depend on the market as our Korean-bound bundle has them, while the one for the US doesn't - not that you'd really miss them. Both units have a pair of in-ear headphones with braided cables and an in-line remote - we can then speculate those will come in the box regardless of region

    Phone defects

     The price of the phone is very high compared to other leading phones.

     The difficulty of having accessories for the phone in the Egyptian markets.
     The internal memory of the phone is 64 GB, which is low for the rest of the leading                 phones released this year, such as Samsung Galaxy Note9.
     The phone came with Android OS Oryo which is frustrating because the ninth version of       Android is now available.

What do you think of the phone?

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