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LG OLED TVs For 2018 Are The Best Oled News And Cheapest Yet

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LG's new production line of oled tv screens for 2018 offers LG's cheapest screens yet. Nothing better than a huge 4K screen in the middle of your home theater, to convey the lg oled tv cinema experience to the house. OLED displays are the most efficient screens to date, and LG is offering us its new product line for 2018. The company introduced a number of new products in the OLED display line at a conference held in Seoul, South Korea.

lg oled tv is one of the most famous companies in the field of OLED lg oled 55 displays and display technologies in the current market. With the announcement of four new high quality OLED displays, the company has raised the competition ceiling to another level.

LG OLED TVs For 2018 Are The Best And Cheapest Yet | electro4reviews

what is oled tv The new LG 4G oled screens support the new Alpha 9 processor, which allows screens to display the most vibrant colors on the market today, LG said. The screens also support the Dolby Atmos sound system along with LG's new ThinQ AI platform, which allows the device to search for other devices and allows it to control smart home appliances such as lights, speakers, and even smart vacuum cleaners.

LG OLED TVs For 2018 Are The Best And Cheapest Yet | electro4reviews

Lg 4k tv On the top of the new LG comes the series LG W8, which is so thin that I hardly stand out from the wall, the screen is attached to another device to process the sound and image with speakers pulled out. The screen comes at $ 15000 for the 77-inch. LG's second screen is the "G8" series with a distinctive design that displays the image on a very thin glass panel and is also attached to an external device for processing and sound. It starts at $ 5500 to measure 65 inches.

LG OLED TVs For 2018 Are The Best And Cheapest Yet | electro4reviews

The price of 3000 $ is not cheap to buy a new TV, but for high quality OLED monitors, the C8 series is one of the cheapest screens LG has put up to date. If you want to buy one of the most quality monitors on the market today, this is your chance. The four screens will enter the market very soon as LG said.

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