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New Apple unveils earphones | wireless and waterproof

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Apple unveils new earphones 

It is reported that Apple is working on many improvements to the iPod wireless headphones with a new version of the famous headset, which is scheduled to be launched soon this year.

New Apple unveils earphones | wireless and waterproof

As with mobile devices - iPhone, iPad, and Apple - Apple plans to constantly update its iPod speakers with new hardware features. California-based technology giant Cupertino said it was working on a new release soon this year with an improved wireless chip. A later water-resistant model is expected to be released early next year.

The new AirPod that will come in 2018 is said to be bundled with an improved wireless chip that will allow users to call Siri using the Hey Siri voice command without the need to press hands on the headset, just like the way iPhone users and HomePod help.

Currently, calling Siri through Earphone speakers requires users to double-click on both sides of the earphones, although responsive to touch can sometimes be inaccurate. The next version of the headset is known internally as the B288.

New Apple unveils earphones | wireless and waterproof

The idea behind the third generation of the iPod headset, which will come in 2019, is for the headset "can withstand water and rain spray", although it is probably not designed to be immersed in water. The plan comes despite reports that the current generation of AirPod can withstand one foot of water for five minutes, and even when it comes out of the washing and drying cycle it works normally.

New Apple unveils earphones | wireless and waterproof

However, Apple does not announce AirPod as water-resistant, and last April a patent was filed for a waterproof AirPort portfolio that could double-function as an iPhone charger or Apple clock.

It is designed by the same division that produced the HomePod smart speaker. The first AirPod was introduced in 2016 along with the iPhone 7 without a headphone input, as a wireless solution for users who want to listen to the sound through the headset. AirPod is one of the best performing Apple products.

In the second half of last year, Apple's output increased, but Apple struggled to reach the supply and demand balance. Despite the poor supply, AirPod was the biggest selling product in September, according to Adobe's online shopping data.

Analysts predicted that Apple shipped from 13 to 14 million iPods last year, and expects AirPod to remain one of the most popular accessories from Apple during 2018, with shipments likely to double to an estimated 26-28 million units.

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