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Google is surprised Huawei, Huawei decision to ban and why Trump black business list

Google surprised Huawei Huawei by decision to ban and why Trump black business list

Events have accelerated since the US president signed a decision to allow the US Department of Commerce and Economy to put any company on the ban list in case it threatens the country's policy of risk, which led to the announcement of Google 's owner Alphabet to stop any cooperation requires the transfer of physical products (Hardcover) And software between it and Huawei Huawei except those covered by open source licenses.

Google is surprised Huawei, Huawei decision to ban and why Trump black business list

Huawei receive more shocks

According to a source close to the company, the move is a blow to the Chinese technology company after being listed by the US government on its black list.

Not only was Google Google alone, with other US technology companies boycotting Huawei, including Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom, but the biggest impact worldwide was Google as the developer of Android and application licensing And basic services.

And you will lose Huawei Huawei phones and future Android updates as smart phones will lose Kharah China all the common services of the company and its applications on Android includes store Google Play Google Play and Gmail Gmail in addition to the application of YouTube Youtube. 

Google is surprised Huawei, Huawei decision to ban and why Trump black business list

Huawei's reaction to the ban

"Huawei has contributed significantly to the development of the Android operating system worldwide as we have been one of the major global partners of Android, where we have worked closely on Android's open source platform to develop a software environment Benefiting users and the industrial sector in general. "

"It will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphones and tablets, including products that have been sold or are still in storage around the world," the company said in a statement. The company will continue to build a secure and sustainable software environment to provide the best experience for all its users around the world. "

"As for Huawei users' inquiries about our steps that comply with US government procedures, we assure you that our services such as Google Play and the protection services will continue to operate in your current hardware," Google said in an Android platform.

Despite the new decision, Huawei will continue to access the Android version available through open source licensing, making the system available to anyone who wants to use it. 

What is the purpose of Huawei Huawei Province

The move came after US President Donald Trump decided to officially put Huawei on the black list of US businesses, which would make her suffer entirely if she tried to engage in economic activities with any US company anymore.

The decision comes as one of the chapters of the US-China trade war, where each country seeks to raise tariffs on imports of the other country and thus pressure it politically. However, this ban was surprising and unexpected in terms of its entry into force so quickly. 

A simple return in time for similar incidents
So far, according to official sources, this is Google's latest decision. However, in fact, the crisis is not expected to last long due to Huawei's strong influence in the United States, as well as being the second-largest smartphone vendor in the world after Samsung, Its primary role in the development of fifth generation networks.

Last year, the world witnessed a similar historical precedent with ZTE, which was banned for selling its products in South Korea and Iran, bypassing the US trade embargo. The ban was lifted after heavy fines.

How Huawei crisis will end

The most important issue is a decision by the US administration to postpone the 90-day ban on Huawei, stressing that the postponement does not change President Trump's ban, but can be considered as a breathing period to avoid major unrest. Obtain. 

According to Reuters, a spokesman for Huawei said last Friday that the company's lawyers are also studying the impact of the actions of the US Department of Commerce, and Huawei did not issue any official data to respond to What Google has done directly, and the question remains whether Huawei can abandon the Android system completely or will be limited to providing alternative service to the store Google Play and other services.

Huawei's founder and chief executive said on Saturday that the growth of China's technology giant could slow, but only because of recent US restrictions.

It is worth mentioning that all these developments came at a time of trade tensions between Washington and Beijing, amid the concerns of the United States of America and concern about China's use of smart phones and tablets to spy on the Americans. 

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Lenovo Launches Z6 Pro Phone in China

Lenovo Launches Z6 Pro Phone in China

Lenovo launches the Z6 Pro phone in China, the second phone from the Chinese company, which is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor with the 7 nm chip system used by Qualcomm in its products.

Lenovo Launches Z6 Pro Phone in China

Lenovo launches the Z6 Pro with leading features including 12GB of RAM and 
512 GB of internal storage. The new Chinese phone will come with 4 rear cameras 
as the first phone to support this number and type of cameras. The company launched the new phone in 
many international markets after the Chinese market, which embraced the launch of the phone as published by 3dnews

The phone is equipped Lenovo design of glass and metal, phone screen of AMOLED type with a size of 
6.39 inches accurately 1080 × 2340 pixels accurately FULL HD Plus, the screen built with a scanner generation 
sixth screen technologies face recognition, the screen also supports HDR10 techniques, With the advantages of 
automatic brightness adjustment , the 32-megapixel front camera for the 32-megapixel silhouette, the 48- 
megapixel main backlight and the other three cameras of 16, 8 and 2 megapixel respectively.

Flashes confirm the Galaxy A90 comes with the design of the camera pop-up and recyclable also

leaks The Galaxy A90 comes with a pop-up and recyclable camera design as well

The latest release of the Samsung Galaxy A90, the latest release, confirmed that the next release of the Samsung Galaxy A90 is launching the camera's pop-up and recyclable design.
Flashes confirm the Galaxy A90 comes with the design of the camera pop-up and recyclable also
Samsung Galaxy A90
Samsung seems to be trying to experiment with the various designs of the front camera in its mid-editions this year. The latest leaks revealed Samsung's plans to launch the Galaxy A90 with a mechanical camera design and a camera-supporting engine.

According to the latest leaks, the Galaxy A90 is also designed to emulate the distinctive camera of the Oppo Find X and the Oppo N1, which is designed to support both a master camera and a Sylphy camera.

The previous leaks confirmed that Samsung will present the slider or camera design in one of its medium versions this year, but the new details about the recyclable design of the camera is certainly an unconventional design in the Samsung releases, but leaks may reveal images that confirm this design and mechanism of the camera. The next Galaxy A90.

TCL offers a red version of BlackBerry Key2 at conference # MWC19

TCL offers a red version of BlackBerry Key2

TCL is still offering us many surprises at the MWC 2019 conference. In addition to announcing new Alcatel phones , the company also unveiled a new red version of the BlackBerry Key2.
TCL offers a red version of BlackBerry Key2 at conference # MWC19

The company launched the new Key2 phone globally today, which is similar to the previous version of Key2 LE but with a new red color.

Apparently, the specifications are the same as Key2 LE, including the screen with a 4.5-inch equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard, in addition to the 660 Snapdragon processor and random memory of 6 GB.

The difference only appears in color and in some system-related functions, as Hub + provides a new "action bar", and both BlackBerry Hub and Calendar applications have a modern user interface.

This new version is available at $ 749, and the company has started receiving pre-orders from today.

Officially unveiled Ricoh GR III successor to one of the best compact cameras ever

Ricoh Launches GR III Compact Camera with APS-C Sensor & Pro Features

Ricoh GR III, a developer of compact, compact cameras, has announced the launch of the new Ricoh GR III camera, which includes a number of developments and enhancements to the previous Ricoh GR II camera, one of the best compact cameras available since its official unveiling.
Officially unveiled Ricoh GR III successor to one of the best compact cameras ever

The new Ricoh GR III is superior to its predecessor through three specific components. The new APS-C CMOS sensor is 24.23 megapixels and is more powerful than the previous 16.2 megapixel camera sensor. The new camera also includes the new GR Engine 6 Capture 14-bit RAW images as opposed to the previous 12-bit camera.

The third element is the new lens on which the new camera depends. Although it is based on the same basic specifications from the previous camera, the focal length is 18.3 mm, the focal length is 28 mm, and the same f / 2.8-16 lens, It consists of 6 items divided into 4 groups, unlike the previous 7-segment camera lens divided into 5 groups, which results in a smaller lens cylinder. The new lens also includes a 9-blade membrane for a better Boket effect than the previous camera.

In addition to the previous elements, the Ricoh GR III has a number of internal improvements, such as the ISO sensitivity of the previous camera to a maximum of 102,400, while the maximum ISO sensitivity in the previous camera is 25,600.

The camera has a hybrid auto focus system that combines state-of-the-art resolution for greater speed and contrast resolution for greater accuracy. The camera includes eight focus modes, including the new continuous focusing mode. The auto focus system also interacts with the camera screen. Ricoh GR III for a first time in the history of this type of camera.

The camera's screen diameter is three inches, its accuracy is one million points, and supports gesture control. This allows direct selection of the auto focus area with a one-touch. The menu options can also be scrolled through the screen, zoom and zoom. The camera features an Air-Gapless It is a layer of resin placed between the screen surface and the glass that helps to increase screen visibility even in poor lighting conditions.
Officially unveiled Ricoh GR III successor to one of the best compact cameras ever

The new Ricoh GR III is based on a three-axis internal optical image stabilizer based on the Shake Reduction Mechanism, which provides outstanding image stabilization capabilities on one hand and operates as part of the dust removal system on the other. This feature adds some ultrasonic vibrations to the sensor When you turn on the camera to get rid of any unwanted physical elements, this feature can be used as a simulator for the filter when the image is taken in different conditions.

Ricoh GR III has a number of features, including ten built-in filters that can control the settings of each element, HDR mode, and RAW image editing and 14-bit direct camera resolution.

The camera can also capture images with the effect of lighting paths, capture time-lapse images with a time interval of 10 minutes to 24 hours. Shooting can also be done by setting different exposure settings. The camera can combine 2000 images with different exposure settings to produce an improved end-point.

Of course, the camera relies on a large internal memory for the 2 GB and external cards of course. Battery life is a little frustrating, just enough to take 180 pictures before you need to recharge the battery through the built-in USB-C port.

Availability and price of Ricoh GR III camera

The camera will be available in select international markets beginning in mid-March at a price of $ 899. The camera will have a range of accessories such as a wide angle lens, 21 mm focal length and an external Viewfinder.

Federal Trade Commission accuses Facebook of leaking health data to users

Facebook accused of revealing sensitive health data of users

A complaint has been filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against Facebook for leaking sensitive health data about its users.
Federal Trade Commission accuses Facebook of leaking health data to users

This protest was first documented in January this year and was announced today. The objection inclinations Facebook to uncover wellbeing information to clients in one of the shut gatherings. 

This issue was first seen in July when individuals from a gathering of ladies found that it was so natural to download their own names and email addresses, either physically or by means of Chrome program augmentations, at which time Facebook professed to have rolled out a few improvements to avert such practices. 

Be that as it may, the protest features that it is so natural to share touchy and individual wellbeing data, which is an infringement of the law, representing a genuine security issue on Facebook. 

As indicated by the grumbling, Facebook has disregarded solicitations to fix the issues distinguished, and has denied any issue.

Google launches teaser for its next conference on March 19th

Google will hold a press event at GDC on 19th March

The examination mammoth is planning to hold its next meeting on March 19, as Google declared the gathering through a mystery declaration affirming the holding of the gathering amid the forthcoming GDC 2019 occasions. 
Google launches teaser for its next conference on March 19th
Google Launches teaser
Google will hold its next gathering at the Games engineers' occasion in March, where Google is required to divulge its new gaming undertaking. 

The principal gossipy tidbits about the venture to communicate the amusements originating from Google in 2018, where it was shown that it will be one of the administrations that require month to month or yearly memberships, and backings the administration take a shot at current gadgets or diversion controllers structured by Google. 

Past breaks additionally recommended that the new gaming administration was propelled under the title "Sasquatch". The holes show that the administration is currently being worked on, as Google is attempting to address the issues that may emerge while buffering in the communicate administration, alongside other specialized issues that may prompt cut or breakdown illustrations in amusements.

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